Sai discoveries!

July 24, 2009

Wow! I just discovered (by accident) the ‘linework’ layer in Easy paint tool sai… What an AMAZING design tool. Way better than illustrator for creating a painted ink line effect, and completley controllable – you can draw a freehand line with tapering ends based on the pressure you use with your pen with the BRILLIANT quality and presicion i’ve come to expect of this program- but here’s the cool thing – it draws that with a vector path, and each point can be adjusted, moved with very smooth curves AND you can change the ‘pressure’ that was used at each point, affecting the line thickness.

Holy crap, dude! Best inking thing ever!
I’m so glad i bought this program. They DESERVE my money.

For those of you not in the know (and who speak Ingerish.)

It’s a paint program that I previously thought was limited to raster painting – granted, very crisp and precise lines out of the brushes that’re a joy to draw with! Excellent pressure sensitivity. I thought that odd since there’s a cross pollenation between SAI and Photoshop, you can switch and change between both anytime with the same project.

There’s the trial version that lasts 30 days, and is a reeeal pain in the ass to keep uninstalling and reinstalling after registry cleaning and completely removing any files that Sai has previously touched so you can use it for another 30 days…
It costs 80au. So like, 5250 japanese yen. So like… whatever in yer local currency. Since i was doing every drawing in SAI, i thought i should probably buy it, since i wasn’t inclined to draw without it.
It certainly works for me.


Sidekick – sketch

July 9, 2009

Deep within the bowels of the Dr. Weasel lair is the brain behind the organisation – Mister S.P. Mouse, mechanical engineer extraordinaire. He doesn’t know what weasel is a Doctor in, but he gets the chance to make all sorts of steam powered electric generators, flying machines and devious destructive devices.


Diggory breaks the magic

July 3, 2009

A new drawing for a new friend, otherwise known as ‘Digger’. She’s such a grub! … hehee, but I DO like otters:)



June 10, 2009

Been gettin’ to know a certain Wallaby recently, who, just like young rescue joeys, has only short fuzz instead of fur, and wears a sweater to keep warm. Yes, she’s fully grown.
*disclaimer* two of these (the headshots) are study drawings, using photos as reference, and the ear position in the main one. Never drawn wobbalys before.:/


Musical flailing?

June 1, 2009

tb-303Uh, well.. I’ve been fooling around with music production again. I have no prior training other than foolin’ around a bunch with fruityloops right from version 3.5 up to 5, and Acid pro. So that’s what i’ve been using.. I’m at the point where i’ve got a couple of elements that are all standing alone, all different to eachother, that i deem to be ‘not horrible’.
I hope my steam doesn’t run out, and i don’t make something thats ‘oh its just another fruityloops noob’.
I cam make melodies and riffs okay, I think, when i’m feeling creative, i need employ more ramping, and my weakest point is complicated drum breaks. I would -prefer- to put it all together myself rather than rely on loops or larger samples, but its just so -easy-.
Anyway… i don’t know what i’m talking about half the time, and i’ve got a lot to learn, but i’ll give it a shot and hope i don’t suck too hard.


Planes, trains and the rocketeer.

May 28, 2009

I had a dream not long ago. I dreampt that the mouse and I were going someplace, like a transit from one part of a large airport to another. However, we had to get there on a different means of travel to the regular shuttle busses; a magnetically levitating platform with rows of seats that travells through an underground tunnel. The platform was teardrop shaped on top, the rows seats following the contour of it, and flat on the bottom. we strapped ourselves in along with a crowd of fellow travellers, and set off. The ‘track’ was all downhill. Or so it seemed. It was a perfectly straight track from one point to another that has been explained to me, in theory, before – the sort that can make a perfect line from one point to another on the earth’s surface, and without friction arrive in 40 minutes only by the power of gravity. What my mind didn’t put into this was the fact that it’d need to be frictionless, and thus need to be in a vaccuum. But -ours- was open topped, and we could see the rock walls flickering past as we accellerated up to terminal velocity, then slowing down just as fast.



May 20, 2009

He’ll dance like a sprite, like the best of them!

Stoats just don’t get that playtime is terrifying for mice.


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